FACE and NAEEA sign Partnership Agreement

By Prof John Storan, FACE Chair, University of East London

FACE is delighted to announce that a formal partnership agreement has been signed with our sister network in Australia. The National Association of Enabling Educators of Australia is an association of enabling educators and practitioners established as a collective of like-minded professionals and institutions for the purpose of collaborating on issues of common interest and relevance to enabling education.

The NAEEA has grown out of two decades of networking of enabling educators from regular conferences and events both here in Australia and in New Zealand. The NAEEA is closely affiliated with FABENZ (Foundation and Bridging Educators of New Zealand).

Both FACE and NAEEA share a strong common set of interests and concerns in the field of access and participation to HE opportunities for more and different learners. The agreement provides a platform for a whole variety of knowledge and practice exchanges to take place between the two networks over the coming years.

FACE Chair, John Storan and NAEEA Chair, Karen Seary both signed the agreement on behalf of their respective networks, which sets out all the areas for cooperation. Commenting on the agreement John said.” I am really delighted that FACE and NAEEA have signed this agreement. The agreement builds both on past contacts between the two networks over a number of years and also looks forward to how we can cooperate together going forward.”

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